Timeless Haircuts Every Man Should Consider

Most people claim people notice your shoes first, but we think it’s your hair because of its position. A dubious hairdo is harder to remove than a bad pair of brogues or white leather shoes. Consider learning a classic men’s haircut before your next appointment. Like the ones below, they work for almost everyone and won’t go out of style in six months.

The French Crop

The French crop, the white T-shirt of haircuts, fits most face types but is best for skinny guys. With the hair slightly forward, leaving length in the fringe helps hide receding spots. It may be worn without styling products and falls naturally into place, making it ideal for gym-goers and swimmers. French crop men’s haircuts should be natural. Maintaining this cut involves trimming it every three weeks, not styling it.

The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is classic and works well with a well-shaped head. Clippers, named for the sound they produce, provide the appearance, although there are less drastic options for individuals without a square jaw and precisely proportioned head.

The Slick Back

Modern slick backs, introduced in the 1920s, were designed for wearing a hat and are now a classic. Straight hair works best, highlighting facial features. A sleek back can highlight a receding hairline, while a tapered, natural back and sides can be achieved with blending.

The Side Parting

The 1920s-1940s and 1960s style, has been reintroduced as a simpler alternative to the slick back. It features a short back and sides, making it flexible.

The Shoulder-Length Cut

The sophisticated layered hairstyle is popular due to its versatility. It transitions between beachy texture and Gordon Gecko boardroom. Growing hair for this style is challenging, but setting a target length and discussing constraints with a hairdresser can help. Avoid clutter for a professional appearance.

Short Dreads

This style provides a crisp, classic look for afro hair when cut short. World-class singers and A-list movie stars have rocked this modern choice, so you’re in excellent company if you try it. Some say that dreadlocks can be produced at home, but you must hire a professional if you want them to appear professional. So, visit a specialized barber for advice.


The pompadour, a classic hairdo with centuries of feminine roots, has been popular since its debut on Madame du Pompadour in the 1750s. It requires strong hair for maintenance and can be adapted to flatter different face forms. To achieve this look, grow the front out and adjust the graduation.

The Quiff

The quiff, a less polished pompadour alternative, is a timeless style that fits all ages, facial types, and personal tastes. Like the pompadour, the quiff exposes the forehead and isn’t ideal for receding hairlines.

Before cutting, evaluate whether a traditional or modern quiff suits you. The traditional quiff has a softer back and short sides but is not harsh. The contemporary look might juxtapose long hair on top with precisely clipped back and sides, creating a “disconnected” look.

Face form matters too. If you have a long face, don’t cut the sides and back too short since the quiff adds volume.


We hope you have a fair idea of the top trending haircuts now. Remember that these styles are everlasting ones.

professional barber in Scottsdale, AZ, will consider your personality, style, and lifestyle while cutting your hair. Your haircut must operate in all situations, as you wear it 24/7.