The Power Of Photos And Videos In Google Reviews

Online reviews have an indisputable impact on customer purchasing behavior. However, if your customers add photos and videos to your reviews, this impact will significantly increase. 

That is why many companies want to stand out and are often even tempted to buy Google reviews with photos and videos to ensure they are authentic.   

Apart from adding visual appeal, photos and videos also help to establish credibility by giving prospective buyers a more compelling and transparent picture of your goods or services. 

Accepting this graphic trend will increase the credibility of your brand and draw in more organic traffic. In this article, we will learn more about photos and video reviews.

Why Should Customers Add Photos & Videos In Google  Reviews?

Images and videos are the most effective methods for comprehending the reviewer’s experience. They are also an excellent addition to text reviews, adding more authenticity.  

For example, a Google review explaining the dining experience in a restaurant looks more appealing when the reviewer adds pictures of the food or dishes they enjoyed.

Reviews with graphics make comprehending the goods and services that certain companies provide easier. They provide additional information that a written review cannot, assisting decision-making.

Benefits of Adding Photos and Videos in Google Reviews

Let’s look at some benefits of adding pictures and videos in Google reviews:

  • Receive Better Rankings

Images and videos heavily influence Google’s ranking. Google considers review length, keyword, and newness. However, photos and videos have a special place in its algorithm.

Google places photos and video reviews in the top 10 local businesses. This means that even adding an image or video to an old review can improve it.

It can significantly help businesses, especially when handling negative reviews. They can ask their customers to add a picture or video while writing positive; they can mitigate the impact of negative reviews.

  • Triggers Emotional Reaction

Nothing is better than adding a video or picture review when you want to trigger an emotional reaction. Many people prefer not to read much text and simply scroll through graphics.

When a satisfied customer posts a video with happy expressions, potential customers will feel the same. This may propel them to research more about your company or even become your customers.

Your potential customers want to know that you are the best, and there is no better way than a happy customer showing it through a picture or a video review.

  • Trust and Authenticity

Videos and photos are crucial to increasing a buyer’s trust in products and services, offering tangible evidence of their quality and features. According to research, 60% of consumers feel user-generated reviews are more authentic.

Written reviews are often subjective and easily interpreted, while pictures and videos provide objective portrayals of the product’s condition, appearance, and performance.

Thus, Online reviews help consumers form a more informed opinion of the product and instill their confidence in the brand. These reviews help consumers who value honesty and transparency.

  • Easily Shareable

Businesses need user-generated reviews and content to drive shares and spread positivity about their brand and products. Graphic content is shared more compared to text content.

This shows how impactful it is to add a photo or video to Google reviews. Sharing a video Google review or testimonial across social media platforms will surely get your brand in the spotlight.

Additionally, it’s an excellent method for companies to give their clients social proof.

  • More Retention

Everyone knows retaining the information seen in photos or videos is easier than reading in text. How and why? It is because graphics have the power to activate emotions in your brain.

Storytelling also impacts in the same way. When someone shares a video or a photo Google review sharing their experience in a story form overcoming a problem, it makes it a memorable review.

Creating a memorable review is winning half the battle. If your brand is in the minds of your customers, there are increased chances of them returning to your store.

  • Increase Product Understanding

Photo and video provide a more comprehensive understanding of the product than written text. Product descriptions help provide details, but they fail to capture the spirit of the actual product.

On the other hand, a photo or video review will help viewers to assess different aspects, such as design, color, size, texture, etc. The product’s description goes beyond words when shown from various angles.

  • Brand Credibility

Photos and videos serve as social proof for potential customers. They validate the desirability and quality of the product through visual evidence.  

When buyers see pictures and videos of satisfied customers using and enjoying the product, it resonates more than a text review. They provide tangible evidence of the product, helping clear any doubts.

As a result, it dramatically impacts potential customers’ purchase decisions and strengthens brand reputation.


Photos and videos in your Google reviews can offer numerous benefits, making it a great success tool. Trust and credibility are built when your potential buyers see visual evidence of the product.

Due to the growth in competition, it is becoming increasingly important to have plans that set your company apart from the competition. Including images in your Google reviews is a great way to promote your brand and increase sales.