“Don’t Waste Your Pulls: Top Banners in Punishing: Gray Raven

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Hey there, PGR fans! Do you find yourself confused by the gacha banners and pulls out there right now? By the end of this guide, you’ll know exactly what to do—and what to avoid—when rolling for characters in Punishing: PGR stands for Present Gray Raven. Let’s dive right in!

Alrighty gacha gamers, let’s clear up some key terms before we dive in! We’ll be throwing around words like “banners,” which are basically pools of characters you’re vying for. Each attempt to snag a character is called a “pull,” and don’t worry, there’s a safety net – after a set number of pulls, you’re guaranteed a top-tier character with the “pity system.” Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

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PGR Banners to Ignore

Certain banners in Punishing Gray Raven aren’t worth your time or currency:

  • Fate-Themed Construct and Fate Arrival Construct: These offer marginally increased success rates but come with a higher pity threshold, making them a poor investment.

Understanding Gacha Currencies

PGR has several types of gacha currencies and each gives different tier characters.\

You can also see the full PGR tier list here.

  • Yellow Tickets: For S-Rank Constructs and Transcendants.
  • Blue Construct Tickets: For A-Ranks.
  • Blue Weapon Tickets: For random weapons.
  • Red Tickets: Also for weapons.
  • Green (Cyan) Tickets: For CUBs (pets).
  • Black Cards (BC): The most valuable currency, which can be converted into any type of ticket.

You can earn BC and tickets through story events, challenges, and missions. Remember, once you convert BC into tickets, you can’t change them back, so be sure before you convert.

Best Punishing Gray Raven Banners to Focus On

Themed Construct Banner:

  • Pity: 60 pulls.
  • Cost: 15,000 BC for a guaranteed S-Rank.
  • Bonus: Every 10 pulls guarantee a random A-Rank.
  • Tip: New characters debut one day after a patch, so don’t pull early!

If the Themed Construct banner isn’t available, it could mean:

  • A Transcendent character is debuting.
  • An A-Rank character is debuting.
  • The banner just ended.

Transcendent and A-Rank Banners

Target Transcendant Banner:

  • Pity: 10 pulls for a guaranteed new Transcendent (2,500 BC).

Construct Research PGR Banner:

  • Pity: 10 pulls for a guaranteed A-Rank (2,500 BC).

These are more affordable options if you’re looking to diversify your roster.

Rolling for Older Characters

Arrival Construct PGR Banner:

  • Pity: 60 pulls.
  • Odds: 70% chance for the featured S-Rank, 30% for a random S-Rank.
  • Tip: Better for new players filling out their roster. High spenders benefit from duplicates for evolving characters to SSS-Rank.

100% Rate-Up PGR Banners:

  • Appear during special events like anniversaries.
  • Pity: 60 pulls.
  • Guarantee: 100% chance to get the featured S-Rank.

Weapons and CUBs


Target Weapon Research Banner:

  • Pity: 30 pulls for an 80% chance at the chosen 6-star weapon.
  • Bonus: Guaranteed 5-star weapon every 10 pulls.
  • Tip: Strong weapons aren’t necessary for PGR. Free-to-play players can focus on free 5-star weapons from co-op.

CUB Target Banner:

  • Pity: 20 pulls.
  • Bonus: Guaranteed A-Rank CUB every 10 pulls.
  • Tip: CUBs are generally low priority, except for a few select ones.


Now you have a crash course on PGR banners! Focus on the right banners, manage your gacha currencies wisely, avoid the pitfalls, and may your pulls be ever in your favor! If you have any questions or need more tips, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!